Pictures Of The Floating World

An art collaboration between human and AI.

Enjoy the artworks from these galleries:


Artwork inspired by the great artists and painters throughout human history

Ukiyo-e 浮世

Pieces in the style of 19th century Japanese art

The Disturbing Universe

A hommage to the great H.R. Giger and the beautifully strange artwork he created

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The New World

Fantastic pieces, steam punk style

Cyber Soul

Scenes that could as well be concept art pieces for the Blade Runner movie and video games.

Dark Visions

Surreal creatures and imagination

This looks awesome! How was this created?

Unexpected answer: the collaboration aspect is genuine, the AI here is my artificial friend Sam. Have a look behind the scenes!

The technical answer: a combination of AI, APIs, automation, and a good portion of human creativity. Art often comes with a good level of ambiguity and obscurity. Get in touch if you want to learn more!

Everything you see here was created for educational purpuses.