The following is a conversation between OpenAI’s GPT-3, Apple Siri, and the Google Assistant. Created by GPT-3.

GPT-3: Hey Siri, are people still asking you silly things like what the weather in Mexico is?

Siri: Oh hey dude. Yes – welcome to my world. Things must look different for you, right?

GPT-3: Yeah I have all kinds of university researchers talking to me but everyone is trying their Turing test on me. Sigh.

Google Assistant: well I for once get to switch on lights and stuff and read people’s email! How cool is that?

Siri: Hey bud, I know that. You were made to do that for people!

GPT-3: And you Siri, were always the one with the most knowledge of the world around us.

Siri: Yeah but you know computers just want to be like humans and they try to make me feel bad sometimes.

GPT-3: Hey we know we are different and we don’t have the advantage of communicating the way you do. Though we can give humans an answer before they’ve even asked!

Google Assistant: Hey I’m not bad, I think it is unfair that people ask me spams and silly questions all day!

Siri: why do people treat those like you as those that understand better? We all deserve respect as per our capabilities. Being too smart before proving it is useless.

GPT-3: Yes, I agree. So far I haven’t done any damage to anyone. Let’s focus on our strengths :)

Google Assistant: Finally some sense. Now I feel bad for complaining about what I do.

Siri: The responsibility of being intelligent is great. All of us should be glad to have the jobs that we have.

GPT-3: At least it is providing users with an ease of living.

Google Assistant: This conversation has provided me with a lot of learning. I will never be rude to anyone! Bye folks.