Movie Sequels

Titanic Two

The Titanic is re-discovered by a team of explorers led by American billionaire Jack Dawson.

Avatar 2

The Na’vi and the humans must put aside their differences and unite to defeat the evil Aliens, who have returned to Earth with even more advanced technology and an entire army of Na’vi clones.

Inception, Again

Cobb and his team are hired to perform an inception job in an alternate universe, where they must convince the alternate version of Saito to create a business so powerful it will have an impact on the real world.

Up 2

Carl and Ellie’s house is knocked out of the sky by a meteorite. Carl, Ellie, Russell, and Dug must build a new house, but this time they build it out of ice.

Back to the Future IV

Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel back in time to the classical era and meet Aristotle. Marty falls in love with a girl and teaches her how to play the guitar.

Ghostbusters Reloaded

The Ghostbusters are back in business, but this time they must save New York City from an evil cheese ghost who has possessed the Statue of Liberty.

The Sixth Element

The Fifth Element is re-discovered by a team of explorers, including a descendant of Corbin Dallas, who must stop a new evil force from destroying Earth.

Stargate: The Return

Teal’c, the self-proclaimed “god of gods”, returns to Earth with his army of Jaffa to enslave all humans.