TV Show Episodes

Family Guy: Back to the Future

In this episode, Peter goes back in time to stop Lois from marrying another man.

The Big Bang Theory: The Albert Equation

Sheldon meets a virtual Albert Einstein and gets over his fear of not understanding theoretical physics.

The Good Place: Occam’s Razor

Michael and Janet switch bodies and must figure out what to do next.

Marvellous Mrs Maisel: The Big Reveal

Midge’s parents prepare to meet her new love, while the show’s biggest secret is finally revealed.

The Orville: If the Stars Should Appear

The Orville is tasked with finding a lost science team and trying to find out what happened to them.

The Simpsons: Here They Come

Homer discovers that the family dog is an alien and has come to warn them of an impending invasion.

Star Trek The Next Generation: The Offspring

Data creates an android that looks just like him. However, it has more human characteristics than he anticipated.

Black Mirror: Afterlife

A grieving widow receives a call from her husband who died three years ago.

Sherlock: The Ghost Of Yesterday

Sherlock and Watson investigate a series of murders inspired by a popular story from the past.

The Orville: Darwin

The Orville must rescue a group of scientists who are on the verge of making a new discovery that will change the way humans view evolution.

Breaking Bad: Cookies & Cream

When Walter White decides to sell ice-cream instead of meth, he doesn’t realise that there’s a lot of competition.

Seinfeld: The Lunch Date

Jerry misses an important business meeting to have lunch with Elaine, and then gets stuck in traffic.

Married With Children: I’ll See You In Court

Al goes to court to contest the fine he received when his car was clamped.

Adventure Time: The Dragon

Finn and Jake find a dragon egg and decide to keep it from the Ice King.

The Crown: To France

As the war comes to an end, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth are forced to visit France.

The X-Files: Candy Coloured Clowns

Mulder and Scully are tasked with investigating the disappearance of a group of people who are obsessed with a rock star.

Mad Men: Chocolate Candy

Don Draper and Roger Sterling pitch a new soda to a client and Don has a run in with an old flame.

Westworld: The Riddle

Bernard tries to figure out why Dolores is so convinced that Arnold was her lover.

South Park: Member Berries

The children of South Park become obsessed with a new fruit and start behaving like zombies.

House of Cards: Chapter 53

With the Presidential election around the corner, Frank Underwood plans to do anything to secure his place as President.

Friends: The One With The Dog

Ross brings home a dog and the group struggle to figure out what to do with it.

The Office: Employee of the Year

Michael Scott tries to find a new manager for the company and decides to hold a contest to find the best employee.

The Sopranos: Caprese Salad

Soprano’s go to a restaurant for dinner and Tony gets caught up in a long-running feud between two of the staff members.

Rick and Morty: Cotton Candy

Summer and Morty go to a carnival and meet a mysterious new friend.

Futurama: The Yellow Cat Project

A new dating app is released that matches people based on the colour of their cat.

Game of Thrones: Secrets of The Mountain

In the North, the Stark family is preparing for a big battle against the Boltons.