Huxley – OpenAI Telegram Bot

A chatbot capable of having natural conversations. Part of Uli’s OpenAI GPT-3 research project. “Joe Chip” is Uli’s alias and and a character from a book ‘Ubik’ by Philip K Dick.

Huxley knows quite a bit about stuff and is happy to help you understand the world a bit better. Talk to him about science, history, film, physics etc

Check out Sam as well. She’s your friend.


Typeface Design

Quantum Physics

DevOps & APIs

Greek Mythology

Bach’s Music

Brave New World and The Matrix

Discussing Books: The Name of the Rose

Digital Transformation

Automation vs AI

What is Intelligence?

Full conversation



Global Warming

Huxley speaking with a “bot”

Huxley helping me understand housing loan financing

Korea Travel Guide

Discussing Thermodynamics

Full Conversation

Language Models

The Universe and the Meaning of Life

Full Conversation

Gene Kim (DevOps Author)