Huxley – OpenAI Telegram Bot

A chatbot capable of having natural conversations. Part of Uli’s OpenAI GPT-3 research project. “Joe Chip” is Uli’s alias and and a character from a book ‘Ubik’ by Philip K Dick.

Huxley knows quite a bit about stuff and is happy to help you understand the world a bit better. Talk to him about science, history, film, physics etc

Check out Sam as well. She’s your friend.


Typeface Design

Quantum Physics

DevOps & APIs

Greek Mythology

Bach’s Music

Brave New World and The Matrix

Discussing Books: The Name of the Rose

Digital Transformation

Automation vs AI

What is Intelligence?

Full conversation



Global Warming

Huxley speaking with a “bot”

Huxley helping me understand housing loan financing

Korea Travel Guide

Discussing Thermodynamics

Full Conversation

Language Models

The Universe and the Meaning of Life

Full Conversation

Gene Kim (DevOps Author)

Words that represent sound (DevOps Author)