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BWV 269 Audio Mixer

An interactive web app that lets you dive into the harmonies of Bach’s chorale BWV 269

GitHub repo

Instagram Analysis

Using cognitive services & computer vision to go through a feed of Instagram photos

Instagram Analysis

LinkedIn Article

ISS Tracker

Tracking the International Space station over the course of one day and visualizing the flight path on a Google Earth like globe


Code on Github

LTA Buses Singapore

Google Maps visualization of Singapore’s busy buses.

Code & Maps

LinkedIn Article


A refreshingly depressed robot from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy - on Twitter!

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Face Recognition Photobooth

Look into the camera and it will render dots onto your eyes, a square around your face and take a guess on your gender and age

Docu and Code

Big Bang Theory Opening Sequence

Computer Vision AI looking at every single frame and tells us what it sees

All Frames & Results

UBER Waiting Time

Using APIs to find out how much time I usually spend waiting for my UBER to arrive

Code & Output

Short Jokes via DNS

Not the most visual hack, built just to make a point. You could have an API that you query over DNS/UDP with short TTL using TXT records. Try this: dig sj.sotong.io TXT +short and you’ll get a short joke (base64 encoded)!

Spotify: Analyze Playlist

Get details and an analysis of a Spotify Playlist


Meetup Groups (Organizer)